Getting Unstuck – Tip #1

I’ve talked a little bit about why creative folks get stuck. Now, I’m going to explore a few strategies for getting unstuck. I’m German. Need I say more. My genetics, and upbringing have taught me the immense value of pushing. More! Harder! And, sometimes that’s great. But, it’s also a super way to get stuck….

3 Reasons Creative Professionals Get Stuck

It seems strange that so many creative people get stuck. You’d think that there was less chance of creative, fertile minds becoming bogged down. Stuck. Yet, I see it happening fairly often with the creative folks I coach. And, it happens to me. Why? Here’s 3 of the most common reasons. 1. Too many choices….

Stuck? How to Get Your Assets in Gear

For the next little while — which really means till I get bored, distracted by more compelling topics, or just poop out — I’m going to shift the focus of this Blog, only slightly. I’m goiing to talk about the S word – Stuck! We all get stuck. I have. Still do, somtimes — but,…

Will Networking Work For You?

This is a copy of an article I orginially wrote for Calgary Business & Financial Journal. It was published in December of 1989. Will Networking Work For You? By Lyle Lachmuth What does networking mean to you? Before I tell you what it means to me I want to share some of the answers I…

Talents: Use 'em or Die!

Listenting to the radio about the passing of Ray Charles. And, heard this quote from Ray Charles, “My music is like breathing. If you don’t breath you die. If I don’t have my music I die.” Hmm! Sounds like an “Artist” to me. Coincendentally I was on the Net looking at test that measures Thinking…