Networking For Introverts

The Monster Behind My Eyeballs

What happens when you feel tired? Does the "Monster" take up residence behind your eyeballs? You know the one that whispers in your ear. Dis-couraging advice like: "Why bother?" "Give it up! You”ll never succeed." "Nobody wants your talents." "Why don’t you just jump…" I don’t remember where I first heard this advice, but it’s…

Are You a Scanner?

Macro Niches


This is for Rumi T. SUPPORT  Each of usIs aloneAndYet not.  None but usLives insideThe bodyAndThe mind.  None other can know, taste,savour the fear, terror,happiness, delight,and ecstasy.  Pale empathiesWe share.Yet, living inside,AloneYields notCompleteness.  In TruthWe are islands.We alone chooseInsular statusOrConstruct bridges,Causeways,And, paths to others.  Connections are madeNot from oneRather the reachingOut of two.  You will…