CAR — The Finale

C.A.R. — The Finale I sit up in the bath. I pull back the shower curtain that has been cocooning me in my bath. I twist the drain control and the water quickly starts draining out of the tub. I place my right hand on the bottom of the tub, slightly behind me. I rotate…

The Pain is With Me

The pain is with me. Again. She is my unconstant companion. She goes. She comes. To flirt. Crushing me in her embrace. The kind of embrace that leaves one waiting for surcease. Any way out. The lake calls. Loudly. Softly. He whispers, “Come. Come to me. I can promise you relief from all that pain….

I Flunked Suicide. Now What?

I FLUNKED SUICIDE, NOW WHAT? Waiting in the wings of life I pause, Consider briefly The meaning, and the answers awaiting. Take a step, then two, then three, as I stumble out upon the Stage that is Life. Toward some unknown unknowing, shimmering dream to be made real but only if I follow the Path…

CAR is Ready

CAR IS READY It was Wednesday, November third twenty ten. I had hobbled down the stairs from my third floor apartment, grasping the rail in my left hand, and carrying my cane in my right hand. The HandiBus was just pulling in front of the apartment. Fortunately I had left enough time to make it…

To Soothe The Savage Beasts

Memory can be false. I always remembered the quote as “music can soothe the savage beast.” William Cosgreve, English poet and playwright, actually said, “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”