Express Yourself

A colleague recently recommended on her favourite books on dealing with pain, Dr. John Sarno’s Mindbody Prescription. I’ve only read the 1st chapter and already my worldview has shifted. It was like Sarno had been sitting in and watching my pain therapy session for the last year. Sarno’s approach is based on Freudian, yes! Freud,…

Pain is Not Your Friend

Last post, I talked about the value in pain: letting you know what’s awry. But, pain can be a pain in the ass (literally) and get in the %$#@ way! For the last 3 days I’ve been experiencing moderately severe pain. At least, moderate compared to the Big MoFo pain I was used to experiencing….

Pain Is Your Friend

You might ask, "How can pain be my friend? It’s $%#@ ruining my life!" At the risk of being Polly Anna-ish, I believe you can learn something from your pain. The original purpose of pain was to protect us. You touch the stove. You get burned. You don’t do it again. This principle is so…

10 Truths About Pain

The October 2005 issue of Psychology Today contains an article titled, Ten Mostly Pleasant Truths About Pain. I didn’t catch the article when PT arrived because, well I was in pain and just filed the issue for later. Worth looking at! My favourite is #6! Maybe your’s too.

Listen To The Body

This past Friday (Nov 25) I went to an all day workshop. I was excited to attend because I had wanted to take this workshop for several years and it had never been offered before in Calgary. I also had a little trepidation. I had just attended a workshop the week before with the same…