The Healing Power of Purpose?

I’m not sure if this is true… but I’m hoping it is.

I’ve been struggling with severe, incapaciating pain for the last 2 months.

Some things I conciously did, like neurotherapy for my fibromyalgia, worked — that is, they helped reduce or eliminate the pain.

But what’s been really crazy making  is that one day or even for several days I could be pain free and then BLAM! For no apparent reason I’d have several days of killing pain.

And, I wouldn’t know what made the difference.

Must be that need for control.

Anyway, recently I made the following comment in an email to my coach, "It seems like the days on which I have no goal or purpose are the worst."

I got thinking about that.

And, when I was in real pain at bed time I decided to set  a purpose for myself for the following day. Not a big, humunguos purpose. Just a commitment that I would spent a couple of hours writing about what I might do to build my coaching practice.

And, the next day I woke up pain free.

Now, this is ONLY 1 day we’re talking about so far. But, I’m hopeful… gotta be!

What if this is one of the  keys to pain freedom?

Then purpose really would be a healing thing.

I’ll keep you posted.