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The COVID Crazies 3

THE COVID CRAZIES 3 My days blend, merge, blur, one into the other.  Tomorrow feels like today. Today feels like last year. I plummet into the ennui, mindlessness, of Netflix streaming a concoction of confections designed to numb my brain and supposedly heal the pain of lacking hugs, kisses, touch, from others not just touching…

The COVID Crazies Too

THE COVID CRAZIES TOO I’ve got the Lock Down, Crack Down, Smack Down, Blues.

The COVID Crazies

THE COVID CRAZIES I am crazy like a loon. I feel my freedom eroding like the banks of a rain swollen river. Yet I have the freedom to be anything I choose, anywhere I choose, and do anything I choose. But the push me, pull me now I can, now I can’t, of these restrictions…

The COVID Blues

The COVID Blues I wear my mask. I wash my hands. I socially distance. I travel only essentially. I should be joyful at being a soldier in a great cause. And, yet I am Blue. I miss: Travel near and far non-essentially, Dropping in on relatives, friends, neighbours, Eating in restaurants with a crowd, Hugging,…