CARMINE I long for the tender softness of your lips entwined with mine.

The Stars Like Dust

THE STARS LIKE DUST A Tribute To MattMan The stars twinkled in the smog-freed sky over Brentwood, L.A. Seducing the Demons lurking in the pills you took to make you happy. Like Humpty Dumpty you had a great fall when you blew out your colon, and survived, to live another day or six, or ten….

Thursday Thoughts — Research

What I will say about the techniques of research in this newsletter apply to virtually any medical/health condition. I will use the condition  Fibromyalgia  to illustrate how to do research. Those folks who have met me or known me over the last twenty five years probably would be surprised to know that my first schooling after …

Thursday Thoughts — Fibromyalgia

I have experienced the ups and downs of Fibromyalgia for 20 years. During that period of time I have attempted suicide three times because of the horrendous pain —


MISSING Your presence an incandescent fire, searing memories. Your absence a dull gnawing ache. Reminding of the passion, sharing, comfort sought – generously given. Briefly assuaged by messages penned and spoken. Oft sparking desire for time’s swift passage. So once more to behold your laughing face and gaze upon your silken skin, to touch your…


LOVERS Feelings so difficulty to capture, words insufficient. Chords of music jar memories of fevered touches, passion’s aroma, kisses, caresses. A passing face glimpsed in a crowd, evokes pictures of your smile, laughing eyes, sassy lips, sexy body. A chance touch recalls the smoothness of your skin, shelter in you arms, peace, comfort nestled against…

Moon Dance

MOON DANCE Her voice it sings. She of dewy lips, scented passions fire, bathed in silver lunar light.

The Folly of Planning

THE FOLLY OF PLANNING Recently when talking about my travel plans to several different people I concluded with, “But who the fuck knows what will happen?” I finally listened to myself, “who the fuck knows …” And, those words rattled around in my brain. Nagging me. I began to think, “Well if no one knows…

No Matter Where WE Go …. There WE Are

NO MATTER WHERE WE GO … THERE WE ARE We take us, all of us, wherever we go. All the parts, the sorrows, the triumphs, the warts, the beauty marks, all in. The parts make us whole. And, the holes in the parts yearn to be filled. So, we fill them with stuff, stuffing the…

His Demons

HIS DEMONS In the end, his demons came to reclaim his soul. He never knew me and I only knew him through his words. But I admired his seemingly easy ability to bare his soul, his vulnerabilities, his needs, his desires, his lusts, for the exotic, the unique. To dare to take himself to the…