Unsticking Coaching

What is Unsticking Coaching?

Several years ago I was struggling to find a compelling way to describe the coaching that I do. As I thought about the people I worked with and the challenges I helped them overcome I realized that all of them were stuck, often really stuck. And, that what I help them do was become unstuck. That’s when it hit me! And, the phrases Unsticking Coach and Unsticking Coaching were born.

What makes Unsticking Coaching Different from Other Coaching?

Unsticking Coaching is the end product or end result of decades of research and experimentation with techniques to help people like you break through the barriers blocking you from success. Truthfully these techniques have derived from my own struggles to overcome massive challenges in my life: Bipolar Affective Disorder, childhood sexual abuse, and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

I’ve always believed that “there IS an answer! If I can just find it.” I was originally trained as a Chemical Research Technologist, so when faced with a barrier or block my instinct is to look for answers – and to experiment. So, for example, in order to more effectively manage my Bipolar Affective Disorder I’ve read dozens of books on psychology and tried several different forms of therapy. I draw on everything I’ve experienced and learned from my therapists and from the books I’ve read.

In reality, Unsticking Coaching is a blend of life, career, business coaching combined with the counselling skills I acquired as a Pastoral Counsellor and as the facilitator of a number of self help groups. I’ve facilitated self help groups focused on helping parents who were about to get divorced, women dealing with abuse, people struggling with mental illness, and anger management for men. In other words, I’ve dealt with serious personal issues and am not afraid to help my clients deal with deep personal challenges.

And, I do know when I need to refer to my clients to a therapist.

What kind of issues do you deal with?

Quite simply, I work with whatever is causing you to be stuck!
Here are a few examples of the challenges clients have brought to me. I’ve coached:

  • Several professionals, some writers and some not, who have struggled with Writer’s Block,
  • Dozens of independent professionals and helped them with marketing and promoting their solo professional practices,
  • A number of solo professionals who were struggling with illnesses like Fibromyalgia and helped them find more effective ways to deal with illness while building their businesses,
  • A number of 40+ professionals and helped them to identify new careers and guiding their transition into these new careers.

I help my clients with Life issues like health, sexuality, relationships, and spirituality. I also help with Career issues like finding the right career, doing a ‘job’ search, networking strategies, and so on. I do not do resumes but I have a gifted associate who can help you create a powerful attention getting resume. Finally, I help my clients with business and marketing challenges ranging from creating a business development plan to finding the right market niche.

Is there anyone you won’t coach?

So far I’ve only fired one client. That client had serious mental health issues and needed therapy. I will work with anyone who is seriously stuck and who is willing to do the work needed and who DOES the work.

My coaching practice is GLBT friendly and I will work with anyone who needs help regardless of religious, political, or sexual preferences.