The Monster Behind My Eyeballs

What happens when you feel tired?

Does the "Monster" take up residence behind your eyeballs?

You know the one that whispers in your ear.

Dis-couraging advice like: "Why bother?" "Give it up! You”ll never succeed." "Nobody wants your talents." "Why don’t you just jump…"

I don’t remember where I first heard this advice, but it’s a damn good. Apparently, folks attending Al-Anon meetings are told to remember the acronym H.A.L.T. Why?

Because, when you are H – hungry, A – angry, L – lonely, or T -tired you will be more susceptible to dis-couragement… to the "Monster" behind your eyeballs.

I know whenever I’m tired I get very dis-couraged and down on myself.

So, when I hear those dis-couraging words I tell Monster to "SHUT UP!"

Or, I find something I enjoy doing, like Blogging, and I do it!