WELCOME To End the Pain


And, welcome to End the Pain a Blogful of advice, information, ideas, and musings about ways to reduce and eliminate the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain in your life.

Pain can suck your energy. Stifle your creativity. Ruin your productivity. And, at its worst destroy your life!

My goal is to provide you with ideas and strategies for Ending the Pain in your life and helping you Express Your Unique Gifts.

These ideas come from my own experience of crippling pain associated with Fibroyalgia Syndrome &/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder).

No matter the cause of your pain — my hope is you’ll find some answers here.

Here’s to a pain free life!!

* * * * * MEDICAL DISCLAIMER * * * * *

The author of this Blog is not engaged in providing medical or counseling services.
The content of this Blog represents his own experiences and attempts to remedy,
mitigate, and hopefully cure the illnesses that have afflicted him. Statements
in this Blog are solely his beliefs and opinions and may change.

Some Blog entries may contain profane, irreverent, or irreligious language.

Enter and read with an open mind and a willing heart.