Whose Problem Is It?

Just got off the phone with a friend/colleague.

Like me she has a tendency to be over-responsible. A common trait I’ve observed
in Helpers and folks with chronic illnesses. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and her
from Migraines.

She had called to ask for advice with a ‘problem’ client. As we talked it
through it became apparent she was looking at solutions that would make the
problem bigger, more complex.

I said, "But, that’s not your problem. Is it?"

She agreed that in fact she was being over responsible.

So, if you have a tendency to be over responsible, to take on others’ problems,
and then add this little technique to your self-care kit bag: ASK yourself,
“Whose problem is it?"

Often you’ll find its not yours, its theirs.

Leave it with them. Don’t take it on and overburden yourself.