A Writer’s Journal

The Pain is With Me

The pain is with me. Again. She is my unconstant companion. She goes. She comes. To flirt. Crushing me in her embrace. The kind of embrace that leaves one waiting for surcease. Any way out. The lake calls. Loudly. Softly. He whispers, “Come. Come to me. I can promise you relief from all that pain….

Sinister Stirrings

MorningPages March 23, 2010 – Sinister Stirrings Imagine being a ‘piano prodigy’. Now, imagine what would happen to your life if your right hand suddenly seized up and you could no longer play. What then? Yet, that is what happened to Leon Fleisher in 1964. This story in the Calgary Herald, March 18, 2010 recounts…

A Writer's Journal: Fog Sets In [NSFW]

It’s only taken me, like 6 years, to  figure out how to successfully blog about the several parts of me, and my business. This is my first attempt to share that part of me that is a Journal Writer. I have been keeping a Journal since 1984. And, have amassed thousands of pages of stuff:…