And, aspiring GENRE BUSTERSâ„¢. 

For several years I’ve wanted to develop and launch a
career Action Group for creative, eclectic, multitalented, and/or
unconventional professionals – in other words Genre Bustersâ„¢. 

This group would provide a forum for Genre Bustersâ„¢ to: 

· Clarify your Career Dreams and make them real
and actionable,

· Understand your Vocational Interests, Values,
Personality, and learn how to translate your core natural strengths into a
working career that fits who you are,

· Create a comprehensive picture of your Career
and Life,

· Develop Career Plans that you, the creative
professional, can actually put to use and easily use,

· Learn and apply Career Strategies that are
adapted to your needs and wants as a creative professional,

· Bust barriers to having the career and life of
your dreams, and

· Participate in a supportive community of like
minded professionals who will help you achieve your goals and aspirations. 

As a Genre Buster™ myself I’ve learned that I deliver the
best results when I’m creating a workshop or program that focuses on what my
learners really need and want. 

So, here’s my invitation to you. 

If you are even the least bit interested in learning more
about being a Successful Genre Busterâ„¢, 

DO THIS: Send a blank e-mail to 

When you sign-up I will provide details of my evolving plan, over the next few weeks — you will be able to opt out at any

And, wyou can participate as little or as much as you want. 

REMEMBER to join: Send a blank e-mail to