Thursday Thoughts — Research

What I will say about the techniques of research in this newsletter apply to virtually any medical/health condition. I will use the condition  Fibromyalgia  to illustrate how to do research. Those folks who have met me or known me over the last twenty five years probably would be surprised to know that my first schooling after …

Thursday Thoughts — Fibromyalgia

I have experienced the ups and downs of Fibromyalgia for 20 years. During that period of time I have attempted suicide three times because of the horrendous pain —

Moon Dance

MOON DANCE Her voice it sings. She of dewy lips, scented passions fire, bathed in silver lunar light.

So What's This Strike Thing All About?

Would you work for 4 cents? Well, that’s what writers get paid for their work on TV shows, etc. The WGA explains what that strike is all about. Via Writers Blog.

Random Career Intelligence

Okay so I stole the title of this post from John Tesh! Get over it. Useful articles for Genre Busters from Monster. – The 10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Can Make – Networking Tips For The Holidays – Recognize Business-Opportunity Fraud

What Is My Destiny

(C) 2007 Lyle T. Lachmuth, ALL Rights Reserved If you like this poem, LINK to it, please. What is my destinythat calls me so? What is the expressionthat wants to writefrom me? I hear the echoesof a distant voicebutam uncertainhow to transformthat voiceto action,to make it real. If I knewwhat wanted expressionit would bean urgingto…

I'm Doing NaNoWriMo!

It’s National Novel Writing Month, also know as NaNoWriMo. I’ll be ‘reporting in’ on progress and lack thereof here. And, I’ll be posting daily excerpts from my novel over at www.LyleTLachmuth.com It’s not too late for YOU to participate.

In Gratitude

Here in the Great White North, also known as Canada,we’ve just finished up our Thanksgiving. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to express Gratitude for some important people in my life. In no particular order, they are: My family for putting up with me and for their flexibility in dealing with the ups and…

Too Much WiFi!

The other day when I walked into the Safeway where I shop I notice a new sign that said, "Safeway is now a Hot Spot. Enjoy wireless Internet access!" My first thought was why in hell would I need to access the Internet while in Safeway? I pictured shoppers, laptops precariously perched on their shopping…

Why Inspiration Isn't Enough

The other day, I was listening to a ‘self help’ program on the radio as I was driving. Jack Canfield, co-author of the “Chicken Soup’ books, was being interviewed. And, once again I heard that word that I word used to describe the books. The word: Inspirational. I get irritated when people market their books…