[CCU] #93 In Tough Times Should You Take Any Job?

In a word … NO!

Why not?

There are, at least, 2 excellent reasons:

1. Desperation is not the mother of success

When you are drowning it may make sense to grab at anything floating by. But, when looking for work it’s a BAD idea. When desperate we tend to turn off our internal warning signals. Thus thousands of people have been seduced, and scammed, into accepting jobs that offered “Make $50 an hour working at home!” Remember: if it looks too good to be true … it probably is.

2. It could suck up every ounce of your energy

A friend of mine shut down her consulting practice and took a 3-day a week job in order to help keep the household afloat. Oh, and the plan was that on those 2 days off she’d write her novel. That was 22 months ago and I think she’s written maybe 20 pages of her novel. Why? Because the demands of her 3 day a week job could, and frequently have, filled 5 days. She has almost no energy to do any writing on her days off and is also frequently ill. Will your interim job solution take everything you have and leave nothing for your dreams?

So, if you don’t take just any job, what do you do?

I’ll share some ideas with you next time.