Genre Busters

When Into Life Comes…

I knocked, knocked, knocked on her door. But she didn’t answer. I waited while reading a travel brochure titled What To Do In Digby County. Ten minutes passed. I left. Went next door to the Farmers Market. Bought a bottle of white wine. Annapolis Highland Vineyards Seyval Blanc. Only 15 bucks (10 USD). Came back….

Sinister Stirrings

MorningPages March 23, 2010 – Sinister Stirrings Imagine being a ‘piano prodigy’. Now, imagine what would happen to your life if your right hand suddenly seized up and you could no longer play. What then? Yet, that is what happened to Leon Fleisher in 1964. This story in the Calgary Herald, March 18, 2010 recounts…

[TWTL] Boffo Idea #1

Andrea just described the #1 barrier to thought leadership “OVERWHELM”! I concur. Her solution: Empty the brain by writing down ALL those ideas flooding through your head. Then sort them by: HELL YES! HELL NO! Maybe! I’m doing mine. DO Yours.

The Wealthy Thought Leader – Day 1

I had ‘planned’ to be in Vancouver today for my friend Andrea Lee’s “Wealthy Thought Leader” Conference. Unfortunately, pain intervened, my unpredictable, seldom welcomed, ‘friend’. So, I am attending Live Via Video, thanks to my trusty ThinkPad, high speed internet, and spiffy new video technology. From time to time today, I’ll chime in here with…

5 Lives of an Artist

This video from TED 2010 really moved me! Shows how to be an artist .. of ANY kind! And, the value of persistence!