Dancing With My Muse

I know few feelings more frustrating that having ‘that urge’ to create — in my case to write — and, yet when I move to write… nothing.

My muse dances away.

Which got me thinking, as I sit here somewhat empty headed… "What kind of dance do my Muse and I do?" And, why?

Anyone who’s done any "couples work" will recognize that each couple has a dance.

He advances. She retreats.

She leads. He follows.

Psychologist Harriet Lerner has created a whole series based on this theme: "The Dance of Anger", "The Dance of Deception", and so on.

I imagine if you are one half of a couple you have a dance that you and your partner do — regularly.

But, this is not about our relationship with our significant other. Or, is it?

Does our dance with our S.O. reflect the dance we have with our Muse?


I know that I am guilty of the "Hesitation Waltz".

I move closer, seek itimacy, hesitate, feel no immediate response, and back pedal like hell!

Zowee! Wowee! Can’t stand those owies!

Don’t want no pain. Don’t want no rejection.

Perhaps, my Muse knows this.

For as much as I Lust for her… I fear being overpowered by her.

What? Out of control.

What might happen? Where would She take me?

And, so she creeps gently up upon me. I sense here presence. Breath her scent. Await her embrace.

But, she knows… she knows I fear her.

And, she dances away.

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