Getting Unstuck – Tip #3

The first step to getting unstuck is obvious…

Recogize you’re stuck!

Sounds easy.

But, sometimes it’s not.

That’s because we can be really, really good at fooling ourselves.

We say, “I’m not stuck. I’m just need time to think about my options.” Or, “I’m not stuck. I’m just frustrated.” Or, “I’m not stuck. I’m just being stubborn.”

So, if we paint it a different colour or call it something else. Or, if it feels like something else it’s not stuck!

Well, you know the one about “If it walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. It’s a duck!”

Well, the same thing with being stuck.

Don’t fool yourself.

Step up to the podium. Face the crowd and say, “Hi. I’m (give your name). And, I’m Stuck!”

It’s the first step to being Unstuck — and, staying unstuck.