When I was in graduate school pursuing my Masters in Organization Development  I struggled with fear. Particularly, fear that I couldn’t pay for the sucker. As a self-employed consultant I didn’t have the luxury of a company paying my tution and expenses — I WAS the company.

One of the ways I sorted through my feelings and thoughts was writing: journals and  poetry.

At one point the outlook was pretty grim. I turned to poetry for inspiration. The result a poem called Courage.

The first stanza gave me a good clue about how to Kick Fear in the Teeth. Here it is…

Cowards are we all
easy choices

What’s it mean?

We always have a choice. Sometimes, a really, really hard choice. But, a choice nonetheless.

So, you can make an easy choice: give in to fear.

Or, you can be a hero, make the hard choice, and Kick Fear in the Teeth.

Happy Teeth Kicking