The Wealthy Thought Leader – Day 1

I had ‘planned’ to be in Vancouver today for my friend Andrea Lee’s “Wealthy Thought Leader” Conference. Unfortunately, pain intervened, my unpredictable, seldom welcomed, ‘friend’. So, I am attending Live Via Video, thanks to my trusty ThinkPad, high speed internet, and spiffy new video technology. From time to time today, I’ll chime in here with …

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5 Lives of an Artist

This video from TED 2010 really moved me! Shows how to be an artist .. of ANY kind! And, the value of persistence!

What's A Genre Buster?

I’ve long been interested in how to create a successful career and meaning filled life … for me and for my clients. I’ve read hundreds of books, scoured countless blogs, and read lord know how many articles about career development and the lives of artists, writers, and other creatives. Do you fit firmly on the …

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A Writer's Journal: Fog Sets In [NSFW]

It’s only taken me, like 6 years, to¬† figure out how to successfully blog about the several parts of me, and my business. This is my first attempt to share that part of me that is a Journal Writer. I have been keeping a Journal since 1984. And, have amassed thousands of pages of stuff: …

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Rebooting Genre Busters Podcast

In 2006 and 2007 I conducted a series of interviews with eclectic, multitalented creatives. The series was very popular and folks told me they learned lots and really enjoyed meeting quirky creatives like themselves. This week I rebooted the interview series, with a particular focus on writers and authors, over at BlogTalk Radio. My plan …

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