Point of No Return

A question that faces many of us — one that I struggle with — is, "When do I let go of that which pays to do that which I truly love."

I suspect there is a point of no return.  A place where, once you are past it, you can no longer go back.

A colleague suggested to me today, something like this, "It’s better to be the initiator than be forced!"

Ah, true.

But, what happens when the thought of leaping into the thin air, hoping that trapeze will be there, scares the crap out of you? Out of me!

Susan Jeffers advised in her best selling book, "Face the Fear and Do it Anyway!"


Or, is there a way to as Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) said, to transmogrify it?

I hope so.

I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting on the platform… seeing if that trapeze just might swing on by.

Or, if I can find what it takes to jump.

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