Staying On Vision

Whether you have a clear or fuzzy picture of your future, it’s important that you stay on track to that Vision.

Here’s an easy way to do that.

This idea comes from Francesca Blackstock of Tantric Path. Francesca suggests that each morning you ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I with
who I want to be with?

Am I doing
what I want to do?

Am I living
where I want to live?

I love 3 somes. There something magical about the Power of 3. For one thing, I can usually remember 3 things. And, I can probably aim for 3 goals.

So, give it a try. Answer the questions now.

Of course, if you get 1 consistent and resounding NO! Or, more!! You need to do some thinking about where you are… vs. where you want to be.

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