I sometimes joke that the single most significant cause of auto accidents is “the nut that holds the wheel!”

The same is true of small businesses. Especially businesses run by a single person — your so-called Solopreneur.

I’ve been consulting to 1-person businesses since 1988 and the thing I learned early on is that most people don’t go into to business because the want to be a business person!


They either want to escape something: usually the stranglehold of the corporate world. Or, they have a particular passion they want to pursue. They have a business because they want to DO something, not because they want to own a business. Running a business. And, running it well is the last thing they want to do! In fact, the word business is hated by them!

So, we have someone who owns a business but doesn’t want to run it.

Then add in the fact that most entrepreneurs as pretty much one-trick ponies! They are geniuses at what they love. But, forget anything else.

Therefore, when I’m called in to consult to a company I can pretty much expect that the biggest problem in the company is the dude who owns it.

What about you?

Do have a passion to create? A need to make a difference? But, hate business stuff!

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