The Top 10 Signs You Have Starving Artist Syndrome

What’s Starving Artist Syndrome?
A syndrome is a collection of symptoms or signs that help in the diagnosis of a condition, usually a medical one. For example, an official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia Syndrome (which I have) is given if you have 10 or more of 18 specific symptoms. The medical profession uses the word syndrome to describe conditions that are tough to diagnose — and, to treat!

I’ve coached creative, unconventional, sometimes downright eccentric, professionals for more than 15 years. Some have been amazingly successful, both financially and in other parts of their lives. Whereas others, just as bright, just as determined, just as eager to succeed, seemed destined to spend their life barely getting by.

What’s the difference?

It seems that those who struggle with success suffered from something I’ve come to call “Starving Artist Syndrome” or S.A.S. Over the years I’ve observed a collection of common behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs, which is why I call it a Syndrom.e

How do you recognize S.A.S? Check out the following Top Ten signs. Do any fit you?

10. You’ve purchased every self help tape sold on late night TV but you’ve never finished listening to any of them, yet alone doing something with them.

9. You believe it’s better to starve than taint yourself and your Big Idea with “commercialism”.

8. You belong to one or two professional organizations, you attend meetings occasionally but see little value in participating in committees.

7. You’ve had this great idea for a new product for 5 years but you’ve never shown it to anyone who could help you develop it, for fear they would ‘steal’ it.

6. Whenever you start to pursue your dream it seems other equally tantalizing ideas come along and distract you.

5. When you attend meetings or association events, you believe it’s up to other people to make the first move.

4. You believe that all you have to do to succeed is create — your book, your poetry, your “art”.

3. You keep trying to find somebody else to sell you and your ideas.

2. You find it easy to think up new ideas and believe it should be just as easy to make them happen.

1. You don’t see anything wrong with starving for your “Art”..

How’d you score?

If you scored 1- 3 you have a few signs and that’s great but are those few believes and attitudes holding you back from really doing your art?
If you scored 4 – 6 you’re probably not experiencing the kind of life you want or achieving the success you’ve dreamed of.
If you scored 7 or more you’re definitely suffering from “Starving Artist Syndrome” and it probably hurts like hell!
The good news? There’s a cure!

A sure fire way to remedy S.A.S. is to get a coach who can help you uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, teach you how to make changes, and support you so you consistently follow a new way of living.

And, I can help you do that! Click on my e-mail link and ask for you FREE coaching try out!