One way to look at plans is to think of them as dreams written on paper.

Finding a new job is like taking a trip. You have a destination — the new career, job, contract, or client — and you need to pick a route. Do you want to get there quickly or do you want to take the scenic route? The choice is yours.

In the job search and career change world the route is about the answers to questions like: What are your interests? How do you want to express them in your career? What skills do you have? What skills do you need? What skills do you want to use? What experiences have you had that would benefit in your new career? Do you need more education or training? What’s the ‘best’ way to acquire the skills and experiences you need?

In the world of the independent professional, the Solopreneur, the questions that help you map your route are not all that different. You want to know: What do you want to do? What gifts are you wanting to use? Where, geographically and environmentally, do you want to work? Who do you want to work with? That is, who are the clients you want to serve? The partners you want to engage with? That is, if you want to be part of a joint venture or partnership. What kinds of environments call you? How much money do you want to make?

Once you know the answers to these questions you can create your Plan of action.

And, If you’re an Artist, and I am writing this advice mostly for Artists, you’ll need to create a FLEX-PLAN.