Traditional career plans, well in fact traditional planning methods, simply don’t work for creative, unconventional professionals, and artistic-temperaments.

I know because I’ve been researching and developing time management, organizing, and planning methods since the mid 1970’s. In my past life I was a Project Manager/Senior Systems Analyst and was simply overwhelmed with details and things to keep track of. I turned to the experts in the field of time management, organizing, decision making, and planning. I tried and tried and tried to apply their methods. I made some progress but not enough.

Then in the early 1990’s I became a qualified facilitator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator(R) or MBTI(R) and I had an important AH HA moment! Traditional time management and organizing books are written for the Sensing Judging types — in my workshops on Selling and Influencing With Style(C) I call these types “The Banker”. The focus of “The Banker(C)” is efficiency! And, these books are all designed to help them be even more efficient.

The problem is I’m “The Artist(C)” type — an iNtuitive Perching type. Nothing about my core personality, or the personality of creative, unconventional types is about efficiency!

Sure, we can learn and do need to learn to be more efficient. That is, we can adapt some of the skills of “The Banker(C)”. BUT, we will never become like them!

AND, their time management, organizing, decision making, and planning methods don’t work with our brains. We think holistically, in pictures, impressions, colours, and are very ‘Right Brain”.

So, we need to use techniques that work the way our brains work.

That’s why I’ve developed and am constantly refining FLEXI-CAREER(C) PLANNING.

Next post I’ll introduce you to the specifics.