Genre Busters

The Lure of Easy Money

I’ve been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, and the Coffee Mug. Where? Doing a ‘job’ I hated, working a contract I loathed: justified by “the money”. When I turned 60, after spending 4 months in severe pain from my Fibromyalgia, I promised myself, “I’m not going to do work I don’t want to do….

[CCU] #95 How to Find Work That Does Not Suck – Part 2

In my last newsletter I described the 1st step you need to take in order to find work that doesn’t suck. Today’s article will detail the 2nd step: what to do once you have (even a very vague) idea of what you’ve like/love to do for a living. FIND Full-Time or Part-Time WORK THAT DOESN’T…

What's In a Name?

A client just asked me what I thought of a possible name for her ‘new’ business. My gut reaction to the name was “wad da fa?” Ya see, I KNOW this client very well. I know the quality and value of the work they do. I know how their work really enhances their clients’ brands….

[CCU] #94 How to Find Work That Doesn't Suck

In my last newsletter I cautioned against taking just any job. But, is it possible to find work, even a part-time job or contract/freelance work, that doesn’t suck? YES … and today’s article will show you how I did it! And, how you can too! HOW TO FIND Full-Time or Part-Time WORK THAT DOESN’T SUCK!…

3 Questions You Must Answer To Find The Work You Will Love

Remember when I said that thee should not take just any job. Well, several readers contacted me to tell me stories about how leaping into a new job that looked really great wound up putting them  in deep doo doo. So, if taking a just-any-job is a mistake … what IS one to do? Get…