EMS to the Rescue Too

Chuck was keen to treat the patient but the fire crew couldn’t get the patient out of the car because his legs were trapped under the front seat. The fire crew pryed open the driver’s door with the Jaws of Life and within minutes the driver was strapped to a spinal board and bundled into…

EMS to the Rescue

EMS to the Rescue The driver of the Ford F150 stared in disbelief1. The powder blue Olds she had been taiiling had just executed a lighting fast lane change. Into the empty bus lane. And, rocketed straight into the concrete sound barrier marking the end of the bus lane. The brake lights never came on….


Prologue Death was calling him. He remembers her most recent call. May 1, 2010. He had just moved into his apartment. Beginning a new life. Alone. Hopeful. Joyous. Then it all turned to shit. Somewhere around noon. The witching hour. His mood dropped. Crashed. Plummeted. Lower than a salamaner’s belly. Lower than a cockroach’s. Lower…

Stability Is Not An Option

The first stanza of my 1987  poem, CHANGES, is: Stability Never an option. Possibilities the name of the game.

Bubbly Toes

Bubbly Toes She had shockingly white, Nordic blond hair. It wrapped around a rounded face graced with protruding cheek bones, under glacial blue eyes, and set off with a ski jump nose. Her name as Ingrid and she was my new Recreation Therapist. Ingrid had a effervesent, nothing-got-her-down personality that immediately reminded me of the…