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[CCU] #90 Get Your Inner A.C.T. Together!

This weekend I will be attending the 2nd annual conference of the Calgary Association of Professional Coaches. I’m presenting a 1-hour break out session called “Get Your Inner A.C.T. Together and Create The Practice of Your Dreams”. I thought it would be interesting to give you a sneak peek at this “Inner A.C.T.” But, before…

[CCU] #89 How Transitions Mess Up Your Life and How You Can Succeed Anyway!

I joke that my mid-life crisis started when I was 35 and it’s not over yet! Actually, though, as I revealed in my special UnstickingTM Teleclinic last week, my life has been on a Transitional path since March 1985. That’s when I hit the wall big time and decided to reinvent my life. I simply…

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